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O-care Spa Water Care


There are two fundamental elements to Spa & Hot tub chemistry which are:

  • Water balance
  • Sanitization.

If don’t balance your water, sanitation will not work so just chlorine or bromine is not enough.
Balancing the spawater will also enable you to make the water last longer and prevent the water from being corrosive so your Spa will last longer as well.

There are various factors that make up water balance, things such as organic matter, copper, phosphates, water temperature, rainwater can all alter the water balance within your Spa, they typically are the least significant factors affecting the total water chemistry.

The most significant factors for balancing spawater are:

  • pH (acidity of the water)
  • Total alkalinity
  • Calcium Hardness

 The levels and chemicals you adjust (i.e. pH, total alkalinity and calcium hardness) have the most significant impact on your Spawater.

O-care Spa Water Care


Chlorine and Bromine are the most common sanitizer’s. To effectively sanitize you need the wright levels of pH.
Chlorine will be effective between pH 5.5 - 7.8 but it is better to keep your pH level between 7.2 - 7.8 because if the pH level is below 7.2 chlorine dissipates much more quickly.
If a the pH level is higher than 7.8 chlorine loses its ability to sanitize the water.
You need 10 times as much chorine in water with a pH of 8.2 compared to pH 7.2
If you want to make water chemistry easier, check out O-Care Weekly Spa Care that helps to sanitize and help maintain pH balance for cleaner, clearer and softer water with up to 78% less chlorine.





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