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We have listed some frequently asked questions with answers below. You can also watch the brief movie. We believe this will answer a lot of the questions you may have about the O-Care Spa Water Care System. If your questions have still not been answered by the questions listed or movie please send us your inquirey.

Also available to users is the O-Care Aqua Tool App, which can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play,it will assist hot tub owners in their water treatment procedures, as well as aiming to promote greater water with O-Care use. Once the O-Care Aqua Tool App has been downloaded it helps users to sort out any water problems they are encountering in a step by step format.

Question: How do I start off with O-Care?
Answer: It is advised to use a pipe cleaner agent then empty and refill your spa. This way you start with water minus many sediments that have built up over the time the existing spa water has been in the spa.

Question: Do you have to drain the hot tub and refill before using this product? Or can you begin using it with existing water/chemicals?
Answer: Either way if fine. It is recommended for the best results to drain the spa. We also recommend that before you drain your spa you should run a cleaning agent through your hot tub. There are starter and standard conversion kits that come with a product called System Flush. System Flush super-cleans the inside of your hot tub plumbing system -- the hidden inner pipes, pumps, hoses, and jets of a spa. It removes oily residue, grime, and heater scale deposits quickly and effortlessly, like no ordinary cleaner can. By using System Flush before you convert over to the O-Care system you are not filling your tub back up with residual grime and scale left in your spa’s plumbing system.

Question: What are the ingredients?
Answer: A blend of high quality minerals that has the ability to loosen sediments from all surfaces within the hot tub. Sediments are a main cause to high sanitizer demand, cloudy water, scaling, corrosion of equipment, scum lines, eye and skin irritation.

Question: How much O-Care do I need to add?
Answer:A box of O-Care will last 2 - 5 months depending on the volume of you hot tub. Check how much water is in your hot tub and then find the corresponding amount you need on the dosing chart which is on the bottle and in the manual. You will always add the same amount of O-Care solution number 1 and number 2.


Question:I added O-Care number 1 & 2 in the wrong order, what should I do?
Answer: That's not a problem. Just make sure you've put the pumps on for better mixing. The reason for adding no 1 first and then no 2 only makes O-Care more soluble. If you add number 2 first it may take the water a little longe to clear.

Question:I've added O-Care to the water but the water has become cloudy, what do I do?
Answer:This is normal. O-Care will start working which means it will react with the water. depending on water quality, O-Care will need time to get settled in and clear the water. The process can vary in time from 10 mminutes to 10 hours. The only thing you need to do is be patient.

Question:I've just added O-cCare and the water is cloudy, can I get into the water?
Answer:Yes you can. O-Care is made up of minerals and it will not be harmful to you even if you just added it and the water is still a bit cloudy.

Question:when is the best time to add O-Care?
Answer:Because O-Care might need some time to clear the wate it would be best to add it when you are not going to use the hot tub for the next couple of hours. It doesn't matter to the water quality or your health but it's nicer when the water has all cleared up which adds to your wellness experience.

Question:If I use O-Care can I discard all other products and just use O-Care to maintain the water in my hot tub?
Answer:O-Care will make water maintenance a lot easier but one product that does it all unfortunately does not exist. Water maintenance is a form of chemistry, balancing and sanitizing water are two different things which depend on many factors. Watercare101

Question:Do I still need to use Chlorine?
Most sanitizers will work in combination with O-Care, if you’re used to using Chlorine and you like it than don’t change.

Question:Do I still need to use Bromine?
Most sanitizers will work in combination with O-Care, if you’re used to using Bromine and you like it than don’t change.

Question:What is the difference between Chlorine and Bromine?
Chlorine will work faster than Bromine and is more commonly used because of this. Bromine will work on a wider pH range which is why some prefer it.

Question:What do I need to do on a weekly basis?
With normal use of the hot tub you will only need to do 3 steps.

  1. Add O-Care once a week
  2. Check the pH level and adjust if needed
  3. Check sanitizer level (chlorine or bromine or other) and adjust if needed

Download the O-Care App and it will remind you on a weekly bases.

Question: What if I forget a treatment?
Continue as usual - please do not double dose.

Question: My hot tub is rough or I have scaling in the hottub what do I do?
Scaling is a common problem in the hottub, hottub scaling is caused by a moment of high pH value. At that time calcium detaches from the water and O-Care diminishes calcium in your Spa when it is there, it can not prevent high pH because this is something which is caused by various things such as warming up the hot tub. Watercare101

Question: I live in a very warm area and do not heat my hot tub, can I still use O-Care?
Yes.  The O-Care system is effective in both hot water spas and warm/cool pool water alike.

Question: Do I still need to sanitize the water?
Yes you do, if you are already have a preferred sanitizer such as chlorine than keep using this.

Question: Do I use less sanitizer when I use O-Care?
You will use less quantity of your sanitizer to achieve the same level of water clarity/quality.

You will need to keep your pH level and Sanitizer (Chlorine or Bromine) at the same levels as before.

Question: What is sanitizing the water?
It’s when you add a sanitizer like chlorine or bromine to the water. A sanitizer is a bacterial killer.

Question: What is balancing the water?
Water balance tells you something about the make up of the water.
The most significant factors for balancing spa water are:

  • pH (acidity of the water)
    Total alkalinity
  •  Calcium Hardness

Question: Do I need to check all of the balance levels?
Start with just the pH level, this will in most cases be enough when you start with new water. 

Question: What is pH level?
The pH level is the scale that tells you how acidic or basic the water is.

Question: What should the pH level be?
In your hot tub it should be between 7,2-7,8
(Download the O-Care App and it will help you fix problems step by step and it will explain them as well.

Question: What kind of Sanitizer should I use ?
If you are happy with your current sanitizer than we advise to keep using it.

Question: Why should I use chlorine ?
Chlorine will work fast and not give bacteria much time to settle en multiply.

Question:What is a stabilizer in chlorine
Most types of chlorine have cyanuric acid as a stabilizer, this is to there to make chlorine dissipate (used up) slower when it is exposed to UV (Sunlight). Because this cyanuric acid is NOT used up it builds up the level every time you add it which slows down the chlorine.
When it chlorine slows down it can give bacteria a change to settle and multiply.

Question: I need help with a my water maintenance, what do I do?
Download the O-Care App, it will help you to solve problems step by step

Question: Where do I download the O-Care App ?
You can download it from Google Play or the Apple Store for your smartphone or tablet

Question: What is it called, what do I search for in the Store ?
It’s called the O-Care Aqua Tool, search for that or press ocare first, it will probably show up straight away

Question: Can I download the app to my desktop ?
No, it’s made for smartphone or tablet






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